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Dr. Christina Rahm is a recognized scientific author, leader and innovator in health and wellness. With her background in psychology and counseling, she encourages people to make positive changes by looking within and connecting with their inner wisdom. Dr. Rahm draws from her own experiences, and combined with her expertise in health and wellness, she gives readers tools to take charge of their own wellness.

Dr. Christina Rahm is an internationally recognized expert and advocate for health and well-being. She inspires people to take control of their own health. She travels around the world presenting to both the public and private sectors, ranging from nutrition and wellness strategies to environmental solutions. With a passion for promoting people’s physical and mental health, she is a recognized leader in many health-related initiatives.
In her work as a scientific formulator and innovator, Dr. Rahm has helped thousands of people make positive changes in their lives. She has appeared in numerous publications and is a member of many organizations including Forbes, the European Women’s Association and many more.